Linguistics colloquium, Fri Dec 12: Joe Salmons

Our final colloquium of the semester will take place this Friday, Dec 12, and features Joe Salmons of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His talk is entitled “Avoidance in an obsolescent heritage language”; you can download the abstract here (PDF).

That’s this Friday at our usual time and place: 3:00pm in Curtin 124. All are welcome!

Linguistics colloquium, Fri Nov 7: Dieter Stein

Our next colloquium features Dr. Dieter Stein, chair professor emeritus at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf. Details:

Fri, Nov 7, 3:00pm, Curtin 124

Dieter Stein

“Is literal interpretation possible? On the pragmatic turn in legal interpretation.”

Abstract: A central issue in legal theory is where meaning in legal texts comes from. The issue is relevant for the issue of “textism” vs “intentionalism”. The more a theory argues that the meaning is “in the text” in some kind of pre-existing way, the more “autonomous” the text is and the more a “literalist” stance is plausible. A “pragmatic turn” would argue that the text is less autonomous and much more reliant on inference processes of various kinds and at all levels, such as explicatures and implicatures. The paper tries to identify types of such inferential processes and their role in legal discourses, including a potential role of types of inferences that are typical for legal discourse.

Friday reading group talks

The Syntax-Semantics Reading Group and the Phonetics-Phonology Reading Group both meet this Friday, Oct 24, and feature talks on work in progress:

SSRG, 12:00: Tue Trinh on “and” and “or”

PPRG, 1:00: Siriporn Lerdpaisalwong and Amara Sankhagowit, “False phonological memories in Thai”

Both groups meet in the department conference room (Curtin 535).