UWM linguists to present at MidPhon

Several faculty and students from UWM Linguistics will present talks or posters at the 19th Mid-Continental Phonetics & Phonology Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, September 12-14, 2014.

Amara Sankhagowit: The production and perception of prosodic focus marking in a listening/memory task
Dylan Pearson and Hanyong Park: Phonetic similarity and masking effects
Ho Eun Park and Hanyong Park: Perceptual patterns for VOT and F0 by L1-English learners of Korean
Zafer Lababidi and Hanyong Park: Cross-language perceptual mapping between Arabic and English consonants
Anne Pycha: Using false memories to investigate the phonology of word edges

Linguistics graduate students present at spring conferences

UWM Linguistics graduate students have also been busy presenting their work this month:

Laurel Schenkoske and Ho Eun Park both presented at the 9th Annual Purdue Linguistics Association Symposium in late March. Laurel’s talk was entitled “Toward a prenominal Syntax? A brief look at statistical alternations”; Ho Eun’s talk was entitled “The effects of pitch on categorical perception of Korean stops as a second language”.

Laurel Schenkoske also presented her work on prenominal syntax at the 6th Annual Meeting of Illinois Language and Linguistics Society (ILLS 6) in Urbana-Champaign on April 5; she then headed to Virginia International University for the Conference on Language, Learning, and Culture, where she presented “Social networking in and out of the L2 classroom”.

Finally, UWM was well represented at the 2014 SLA Student Symposium in Madison, where Mary Clinkenbeard (“Language Ideologies and Positioning in a Family of ESL Learners”), Siriporn Lerdpaisalwong (“English Coda Stops by Thai EFLs under Optimality Theory”), and Ho Eun Park (“The Effects of Pitch on Categorical Perception of Korean Stops”) all were presenters.